By Michelle Govender

Women…. Standing on the shoulders of giants

In light of the recent celebration of Women’s Day- attention has been brought to the fact that although huge strides have been made in propelling Women’s Rights around the world, young girls and women are still being forcibly married, trafficked, paid less than their male counterparts and generally sexualised.

In South Africa, women are torn between holding onto their culture whilst still trying to promote themselves as liberal, career women.

According to Dr Erin Tunney, one major issue preventing women from achieving equality is poor urban planning coupled with economic vulnerability. Although there has been thousands of new housing developments over the past 20 years, these developments, are often poorly constructed. Many lacked the basic consideration for young children and women’s safety, with houses lacking inside toilets, and female occupants being forced to use outside to facilities.

As much as the legislation has been drafted to protect the South African women’s rights, it seems as though the justice system contributes to South African women’s inequality. Many women report that police rarely respond to domestic violence calls.

In theory we have the law to support our rights, however the practical implementation of this is lacking.

When women can feel safe, they are free.

Right now we still have a long way to go.

Great women who hold up our country and upon their shoulders we stand.

Image credited to : www.africa.com


By Michelle Govender

What is the best way to spend 67 minutes in honour of Nelson Mandela this year?

Surely, collectively if we all do our part, we should achieve more than simply painting a wall or building a fence once off?

At B-Cause, we focus on creating and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships between corporates and NGO’s, relationships that will last and become deeply ingrained in the mind of the organisations, the employees as well as the public.

This Mandela Day, why not start on this journey with the goal of a long-term commitment to sustainability? At B-Cause we will assist you with partnering up the right corporate with the right NGO to achieve the best return on investment for the corporate while making a real noticeable difference with the NGO.

Give us a call on 011 080 8500 or email us at michelle@b-cause.co.za to find out more about payroll giving, cause-related marketing as well as investment in social corporate responsibility.

By Michelle Govender

Africa Day…make your contribution

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the founding of the Africa Union (AU).

This union has come together to collectively address the myriad of challenges that Africa faces with civil wars and armed conflict, climate change, poverty and the Aids crisis.

With all of these challenges, it is vital for big brands and corporates to ensure they give back. However, for some businesses in today’s harsh economic climate, corporate social responsibility can seem to be a luxury.

One way to do this is to start a payroll giving scheme in your company.

Payroll Giving has essentially re-invented the way that people donate to a cause, creating a win-win-win synergy by energising the brand, the cause and the consumer.

Contact us to get involved in Payroll Giving.

www.b-cause.co.za or michelle@b-cause.co.za


By Michelle Govender

Payroll giving…Doing good is good for business

Payroll Giving is one of the simplest and most effective ways for your company and employees to get involved in supporting meaningful causes. It’s easy and direct and each donor can be assured that their individual contribution will be properly administered and that they are helping to improve lives, protect animals or improve the environment.


Monthly payroll giving means that the NGO of your choice will be able to feed a hungry person, paint a smile on the face of a vulnerable child, bring comfort to a cancer patient or protect a rhino from a poacher’s bullet.


Here’s how you can get involved…

If you are a corporate company, small or large, you are no doubt aware of the need for social responsibility initiatives and you may well be donating to an NGO already.  Why not contact us to come in to speak to your employees about this simple, convenient way to help others.



By Michelle Govender

Global, socially-conscious consumer?

Why has cause related marketing become the buzz word since the early 2000’s? When we look at the growing number of millennials entering the working world, buying real estate and starting their families, we realise that we are no longer catering to the structured and brand loyal customers of the past. The world we live in is so fast-paced and we are so bombarded by information that brand awareness and loyalty doesn’t come free.

That is where cause marketing comes into play. But when it isn’t done right companies end up losing more of their customer base and sometimes create lasting damage to their reputation. Staying true to the positive impact that CSI initiatives are supposed to bring is often the difference between their success and failure.  Consumers have become very savvy and pretentious campaigns are not going to cut it in the long run.

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