By Michelle Govender

Global, socially-conscious consumer?

Why has cause related marketing become the buzz word since the early 2000’s? When we look at the growing number of millennials entering the working world, buying real estate and starting their families, we realise that we are no longer catering to the structured and brand loyal customers of the past. The world we live in is so fast-paced and we are so bombarded by information that brand awareness and loyalty doesn’t come free.

That is where cause marketing comes into play. But when it isn’t done right companies end up losing more of their customer base and sometimes create lasting damage to their reputation. Staying true to the positive impact that CSI initiatives are supposed to bring is often the difference between their success and failure.  Consumers have become very savvy and pretentious campaigns are not going to cut it in the long run.

By Michelle Govender

Earth Day should be more than just a cheap marketing ploy

Another year, and another round of big brands using Earth Day as a way of punting their environmentally friendly products.

Over the past 2 years there has been a shameless show of brands with horrible environmental records.

Consumers are savvy and smart, so they’re not going to be swayed by today’s environmentally friendly tweets from big brands. Caution brands: Don’t use Earth Day as a cheap marketing ploy. Make a real investment and your consumers will take you from being just “liked” to loved!

When done right, with integrity and commitment to actually making a difference, brands tend to receive a greater share of the consumers wallet.

So what causes should brands be taking an interest in?

It’s clear that South Africa and the world at large is facing a water crisis that has been hailed as one of the largest global risks of our time. The impact of this water crisis on brands is now critical, and is seen as one of the largest financial risks to impact business.

Both H&M and Coca Cola are setting goals to be water neutral by 2020, and SAB Miller is leading on water innovation technology that can turn waste water into fish food.

B-Cause can help your brand partner with the right cause, and truly make a difference to your consumer, the environment you operate within and to your brand.


By Michelle Govender

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with

Most brands don’t seem to understand this new generation.

They are fiercely loyal to brands they love, but on the other hand they will turn their backs on your brand if you do something that goes against their moral fibre.

So, for your brand to gain their support, you need to be about more than just the bottom line. These millennials are placing huge responsibility on brands to engage with communities on social issues.

According to a 2015 Cone communications study, millennials are more engaged with social causes than their older counterparts and they will easily hop online to condemn a brand that they felt was behaving socially irresponsibly.

Millennials are the group that is more likely to work for a company based on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. They’re also willing to take a drop in salary in order to work for a socially responsible company that they admire when deciding where to work.

The millennials are also the generation that easily migrate to social media in order for their voices to be heard.

Contact B-Cause today so that your brand can rise above the noise and speak to this generation.



By Michelle Govender

Consumer feedback has the power to make or break your brand

Consumers are gravitating toward brands that are able to engage with them on social issues.

The rewards to these brands are huge as this socially aware consumer will be voting with their wallets.

As we know, social media gives the consumer greater power to influence other consumers about your brand.

Trip Advisor is a great example of how powerful a review from a consumer can be. The ratings given by customers at a restaurant or hotel determine the ranking the hotels will receive…and whether or not you will be making a booking there!

There has never been this much power placed in the hands of the consumer. They are able to shape value chains and bottom lines by merely sitting behind a keyboard.

Never underestimate the power of the angry consumer. A brand can be made by the click of a mouse and it can just as easily fall!

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By Michelle Govender

Consumers are voting with their wallets

According to research done by Alexander Chernev and Sean Blair for the Journal of Consumer Research in 2015, consumers perceive products of socially responsible companies to perform better, and that product performance is perceived to be higher when the social responsibility initiatives are aligned with the consumer’s moral values. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to talk about a brand that is involved in a CSI initiative than one that is not, and consequently the socially responsible brand also wins a greater share of wallet from their consumers.

With the growing trend in cause-related marketing, B-Cause has bridged the gap between those brands that want to use CSI to grow their reputations and the charities that would make a good fit for those brands. By positioning the right products and services with the right cause and designing, developing and deploying strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) and cause related marketing (CRM) efforts, B-Cause will help achieve the brand’s reputation growth and broaden the positive social impact. Essentially, B-Cause will transform a brand’s CSI initiative into a notable story  that will not only tug at the consumer’s heart strings but will also achieve a positive return on investment for the brand as well as the social cause which benefits from the initiative.

B-Cause aims is to support the success of forward-thinking brands that are helping to move the world towards a more sustainable future.

For more information visit www.b-cause.co.za or email hello@-cause.co.za to see how we can revolutionise your cause related marketing.

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