Imagine $10 000 USD worth of FREE search advertising to help you recruit more volunteers, attract more donations and create awareness for your cause.

Search advertising will highlight your cause and create awareness. Do you want to secure more donations? How about recruiting the right volunteers? Do you want to spread your message and make sure that it is heard? With free search advertising from Google Grants all these goals will be achieved and your cause will benefit!

Where do we come in?

B-Cause is the first specialist marketing agency in South Africa that focuses on cause-related marketing and operating in the space between the corporates and NGO’s, forging and maintaining good relationships that are mutually beneficial to create sustainable ROI.

B-Cause will apply on your organisation’s behalf for a Google Grant but we won’t just leave it at that. Our team will brainstorm, plan, test and execute the right search advertising strategy for your NGO, focusing on results and real objectives. B-Cause will have your back when it comes to campaign planning, launch, monitoring and reporting. With extensive experience in search marketing means while we will be doing all the background work of keyword planning, activating and monitoring on Google AdWords , your teams will be freed up to absorb all the new donations and volunteers coming through the doors!

B-Cause is the only agency that works to secure and deploy Google Grants for the NGO sector. Some of the organisations we have secured the grants for are Save the Children South Africa and The Alexandra Education Committee.

Give us a call or get in touch now to see how we can help your cause enjoy seamless and effective free search advertising today!