Doing good is good for business Payroll Giving is one of the simplest and most effective ways for your company and employees to get involved in supporting meaningful causes. Many people want to help but they are not sure how their donations will be administered or that they will really be making a difference. Payroll Giving is easy and direct. Each donor can be assured that their individual contribution will be properly administered and that they are helping to improve lives, protect animals or improve the environment.

Feel good about doing good

Payroll Giving allows charities to plan ahead knowing that a certain income is regular and assured. While the employees enjoy their peace of mind knowing that their donations have already been budgeted into their monthly net income. Participating companies benefit by building a corporate culture of caring and responsibility within their communities.

Monthly payroll giving means that the NGO of your choice will be able to feed a hungry person, paint a smile on the face of a vulnerable child, bring comfort to a cancer patient or protect a rhino from a poacher’s bullet.

What is Payroll giving?

Payroll Giving has essentially re-invented the way that people donate to a cause, creating a win-win-win synergy by energising the brand, the cause and the consumer/company!

Payroll Giving works off the basis of individual employee donations that are deducted every payday. The process is seamless and works with an employee choosing an amount to donate, filling out the necessary forms which go through to the payroll department and then this amount is deducted from the salary every pay day and transferred to the chosen NGO.

Donors can be secure in the knowledge that they never have to pass on their banking details.

The donation amounts can also be changed as and when the donor decides and are tax deductible.

Here’s how you can get involved…

Are you an NGO?
If you are an NGO already enjoying the benefit of corporate assistance, you are welcome to contact us and we will act on your behalf to manage the relationship with these benefactor companies with a view to enlisting their employees in the worthwhile task of corporate payroll giving. Our experience in the Payroll Giving space means that we understand the best ways to entice target companies, integrate into their payroll systems and processes, engage with the employees to position your NGO, illustrate the impact of their donations/gifts and to solicit their financial commitment to your cause.

Our corporate pedigree also adds credibility to the Payroll Giving space, and eliminates any concerns around risk and governance.

Are you a company wanting to get involved in Payroll giving? If you are a corporate company, small or large, you are no doubt aware of the need for social responsibility initiatives and you may well be donating to an NGO already. Why not contact us to come in to speak to your employees about this simple, convenient way to help others..